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The official Kym's Krew

If you haven't joined Kym's Krew by now...GET JOINING!


When Kym starts her solo work there will probably be an official Kym fanclub but until then we have made our own, it might even be the main one later on! The official fan club for Kym Ryder is called Kym's Krew, it is managed by Oli, Kel, Lauren, Jess, Alice and Kirsty and there are over 50 members already and hopefuly the club will grow much stronger when she releases her first single, the basic idea is we go round to every gig she does and promote ourselves. Also we can show Kym who her real fans are and give her massive support when we're there. There is official Kym's krew merchandise which you should wear when you go see her so she can spot us.
This is not the main website for this Kym's krew however so if you want more details or want to join please log on to
HTTP://WWW.TREETOPS.PLUS.COM/KK < if the link is not up yet, be patient! :)
thanks alot!
P.S If you own a site, please choose one of our banners and add it to your site to support the krew! :)

Welcome to Kym world





ALSO...if you're a fan of David and Emily they have a krew too! :)