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Where all the best Kym fans belong!

  • are you on the list? Do u WANNA be on the list? Get in touch and prove to us ure fanaticness. Also included on this page, stories and pics from fans! So Start sending!!!

Rachel-I've known Rach for ages from the boards and we may have argued over a few certain individuals (*cough*myleene*cough*kym*) but we'll never argue again coz we're really good mates. Oh and she makes wicked downloads too! :)
Jessica- Well that's me innit! haha
Kelly- Kel's all round wicked! She's such a good Kym fan, and everyone who knows her (including kym) knows it. One day you will meet her, Promise! :) She is also gunna be the next Kym, no matter what she says, just hang in there and dont give up! Oh and is a wicked site-sharer too :)
Gillian- Known Gill for about a year and I know she is a very dedicated Kym fan, been through alot with her and she's a good laugh! "Elaine lives next door to me, I like Elaine." lol
Lauren-Lauren is the luckiest gal i know. I've also known her for about 2 years. So we didnt get on very well at first but now I can say she is one of my best mates and DEFINATELY one of the most amazing and dedicated Kym fans EVER!
Lorraine- Same with this bird, Lorraine has helped me through alot and is a true friend to me and a huge Kym fan :)
Alice- Another gigantic Kym fan. Is always nice to me and is always there to talk to.
Claire- This person doesn't know she's on here but I had to mention her 'cause if it wasnt for her I would have never met Kym in the 1st place!!! Thank ya!
Annie- Another oldie from the popstars boards (R.I.P) has followed Kym since I can remember. A true fan!
Kirsty- Only known Kirsty for a bit but from that I've known she's a proper fan! She'll definately go far! :)
Megan- Megs is one of my oldest and bestest Kymmy friends! I've not seen her for ages but she is one of the nicest and kindest people i've ever met and really looks up to Kym (who wouldn't) and she definately deserves a mention.
Holly- I havent known Holly for that long but I know she is a great Kym fan and will always stick by her no matter what.
Nikki- Another one of my best net mates! Loves Kym (but also loves Gareth! no comment) Is always there for me to talk to!
Mark-I've known Mark for about 2 years and he's one of my best friends. He's a big Kym fan and he's sexah too ;)
Sarah BEGGED me to mention her on here and although she isnt quite a FANatic. She still deserves a mention coz shes one of a few people who dont tell me to shutup wen im goin on about Kym. So thank you Miss Sarah pimple face Al-himdani, best ski-er and belly dancer in the whole of the world!!! "Someone's standing on my dreeess!" :) oh and i know at the EXACT moment you're on the loo! hehe
P.S It's worse for me in science

***********We are the Marshers!!!!!!***********