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If Kym came online...


If Kym came online these are the websites we think she would log on to... - The official site of Kym's fave footie team - Maybe Kym will want to check out website's made about her gorge hubby Jack! This one's wicked - The official site of her fave rapper eminem - A good site about Kym's pals Liberty X Official site of the simpsons, one of Kym's favourite shows. - Scottish widows site (this one's just for Gill) - Kym turned on the xmas lights at Lakeside shopping it MUST be good! :) - The rugby league team that Kym's family support. - LEMON FANTA!!!! (hehe) The wonderful cathedral where Kym and Jack's wedding was held. Kym's fave actor is Jim Carrey Kym's favourite band with instruments The website made by the guy who created the best perfume in the WORLD (and Kym's fave)
(If there is a problem with any of these links please contact us to let us know, thanks!)


My father is an elephant but that is irelevant.....
*Kymmmmmmmmm rrruullleeeeeeesssssss!!!!!!*