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Animated Backhoe

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"I'm Kym, I'm from Wigan, yaaay, all us Wiganers you know what I mean, down the pier! All I've ever done is sing, since I left school, never done anything else, so I'm a bit of a doley! Haha"

"Do you know why I've got that bed?!?! Cos if someone comes in the night to stab us, they get YOU first cos you're there!!"

"What do you call a pie on the top of a clock tower in Wigan? ..... SUMMIT TO ATE!"


"I don't think its hit me yet, I think when the first show comes along, that's when it will hit me and I'll probably just collapse in a heap, although I hope not! hahaha!"



(about her red streaks) -

"I've always wanted to look like a squirrel"

"Then I thought I looked like somebodys mum...well i am somebodys mum but someones OLDER mum haha!"


"Hey Bert, Hey Ernieee, Hey Bert, Hey Ernie, Hey Bert, Heeeeeey Bert...."

"I dont see why I can't move in with them do you?"                      Noel- "coz you're not a lad!" Kym- "wouldn't want to anyway you STINK!"

"So, what did we learn from Ray Hedges?! Well we learnt to go dikadikada!!!!"

(On the video shoot for the way to your love-)

"I feel so stupid (with umbrella) It's s'posed to be warm in spain!"

"It's so cold! It's probably warmer in Manchester! we should have gone and shot the video there, then i could pop in to see my mum, have a brew and a PIE!"



"Someone's standing on my dressss..."

"Ladies with an attitude fellas that are in the mood, dont just stand there lets get to it, strike a pose there's nothing to it..vogue!"

"That's what i look like, the scottish widow advert!"

"They all think I'm the big bad wolf don't they! They think I'm like tying you up and going, you will marry me or you'll die little boy." Jack - "That's what you did say!!!"

"Show everyone your spots... ooohh they're going aren't they!                                                    Emily - "I don't want no-one to see!"                    Kym - "awww your bein a softie now, just cos you fell over."

"My 7 year old boy keeps sayin "The driver knows what he's doing!" "Haha the Driver!"

"The church is lovely but it needs a good clean"


KiMbErLeY gAiL mArSh******KiMbErLeY gAiL rYdEr