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You know you're obsessed when...


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You know youre obsessed when..

  • You have a Kym background on your computer
  • You have at least 3000 pictures of kym
  • You have a Kym  screensaver
  • You have a Kym ring tone
  • You have a Kym  logo
  • Every text on your phone is something to do with Kym
  • Youre constantly wondering what Kym is doing at this moment.
  • You have a Kym voicemail.
  • You say good morning and good night to all your posters
  • You have all her Solo songs on CD AND media player
  • You know absolutely EVERYTHING about her, from her favourite perfume to her favourite crisps flavour, you know even more than she does.
  • You spend all your spare time making a scrap book or writing letters to her
  • You suddenly have a Wigan accent
  • You have a picture of her in your wallet
  • Your mates have started calling you Kym for a joke!
  • During "popstars" you bought a NY cap.
  • You have every episode of popstars on tape.
  • You have at least 2 email addresses that have something to do with Kym
  • Youre usernames and passwords on everything are something to do with Kym.
  • You read Gemini horoscopes.
  • Its rare to find a picture on a website that you havent got in your collection.
  • You have made a dartboard with EVERYONE who has EVER slagged off Kym
  • Youre favourite colour is black
  • Your pencil case, books, bag etc are all covered with Kym pictures.
  • When you are promising something you swear on Kyms life and the person KNOWS youre not gonna tell!
  • Youve forgotten which colour your walls are because they are so chocka-block with Kym posters.
  • You come out with Kym quotes in the middle of sentences.
  • You have "KYM MARSH FOREVER!" written permanently on your hand and every table you ever sit at.
  • You drench yourself in the perfume "angel" by Thierry Mugler
  • You die your hair black and get it cut in the same style as Kyms
  • When youre out shopping, at every item you see you wonder if Kym might like it as a present.
  • Wherever you are you wonder if Kym has been there
  • You call your pets after Kym
  • You make a website dedicated to her.
  • You say "sorry" to your Kym doll if you drop it
  • You brush your Kym dolls hair
  • Your mates dont wanna come round to yours cause they know that youll show them all your Kym interviews, but you dont realise why they dont find it as interesting as you.
  • You buy every song that Kym has every claimed to like, and make yourself like it!
  • You sit through every film she has ever watched and the whole way through think "I wonder if Kym laughed at that bit..." and "I wonder whether Kym thought that bit was scary"
  • Whenever the TV is free you stick on one of your, at least 6 tapes with Kym on.
  • You have seriously bought EVERY magazine there has ever BEEN with even the TEENIEST picture or interview of Kym, twice!
  • When you have to do something you REALLY dont wanna do you say to yourself "do it for Kym" and then do it.
  • You promise yourself both of Kyms tattoos when youre old enough, but un-fortunately havent informed your mother of your plans yet, after all, how would she understand?
  • If you cant wait till your 16, either get them done now or draw them on with permanent marker.
  • You make sure EVERYONE you ever meet knows about your obsession, and if they dont like it, shoot em! (or hit them with an iron, both affective)
  • You start taking your music lessons seriously
  • You start brushing up on your facts about beauty and make-up, after all if you cant be a popstar youre just gonna HAVE to be a make-up artist!
  • If someone else meets her, you scream then cry!
  • If you meet her, you scream then cry (or you just run away!)
  • If you see someone who is wearing the same top as Kym (or maybe their top is slightly, sort of the same colour as a top that Kym owns) you ask them where they got it!
  • Whoever you pass in the streets you wonder if they have ever met, seen, is related to or knows in any way her.
  • If you went to the Hearsay concert you INSISTED that Kym waved at you, even though you were about 1000 rows back! SHE DID!
  • When youre bored in class you draw/write/think about Kym and when you get told off just insist that the teacher doesnt understand!
  • When you have any spare time you sort and rename all your Kym pics, then print them for the umpteenth time.
  • You ignore your dad when he asks whos used all the coloured printer ink.
  • You cry when you watch/read anything about the OLD hearsay.
  • Youre already saving up to buy tickets for going to every tour date when she starts her tour.
  • Youre already planning what youre going to wear to her tour.
  • You cant see Jamie as Jamie anymore but as Jack-Kyms husband.
  • Youre making a petition for Kym to be queen.
  • You'd seriously die for Kym, shes more use in the world anyway.
  • You cant understand how there are people in the world who are not as obsessed as you.
  • If someone claims to be a bigger fan, you prove them wrong!
  • You urge your mum to drive towards Ashton-in-Makerfield/Hertfordshire and insist the sign said that was the way to school.
  • You dont mind going to IKEA, Waterstones or TESCO cause you know Kym shops there.
  • You learn (or try) to do Bart Simpson impressions.
  • Whenever you get the chance you fit Kym in some way with your schoolwork and get an A cause its the only subject that youre BRILLIANT at.
  • Your second birthday is 13th June.
  • Your ears prick up whenever anyone says Kym.
  • You shout "MARSH!" when your Spanish teacher takes the register and calls out the name of a girl in your class called "Kim" (or is that just me?)
  • You insist on pointing out things to your mates like a car with the letter K and R in the registration plate.
  • You see a sign saying "Market St." and think it says "Marsh St"
  • You hate and love all the same subjects as she did, by coincidence!
  • You spend hours writing out a piece of her hand writing to get it EXACTLY like hers.
  • You shout at anyone who spells kym with an "i", even if it is actually supposed to be "Kim"
  • Everything you do revolves around Kym in some way
  • You make a "you know your obsessed when" list


Kimberely Gail Ryder ROX!!!!