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Kym and me!

                          *Us And Our Idol*

On this page will be some of the best pics! the pics of the times we all met kym!
Here is a chance for all kym fans to share your experiences of the best days ever - when you met kym. If you want us to add your picture to this bit of the site, contact us :)

                                **Kym and Jess @ a hotel in Manchester**

Jess, Jam and Roz (I'm the ugly one!)
with Kym in Kym's mercedes

Hello I'm Jess, the owner of this site. I'll tell you a bit about myself, I live in sunny Manchester, I'm 14 in March and I am a HHHHHHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGEEEEEEEEEEEE
Kym fan! I'm sure you've heard it all before but I really admire Kym, for loads of reasons. She's so talented, her voice is so amazing! She's got the best personality ever and she's so down to earth and lovely too, she's a proper sweedie. She's a diomand! Kym has inspired me SO MUCH in the past 2 years and I've stuck by her through thick and thin from her first words on popstars, straight away I knew that she was special and she is! Kym's such a great person and she deserves every little bit of success and happiness she has 'cause shes worked damn hard to get to where she is. Kym is more than an idol to me, she picks me up when im down and makes me laugh coz shes so funny. I love everything Kym does and im determined to spread the word on how fab she is, which I do anyway coz im always talkin about her! Shes a brilliant mother and her kids are adorable. Her husband Jack is a brilliant actor and I've always thought he was great too, they deserve eachother coz theyre the best couple! (trying not to sound like Louise Hale here)  She is one lucky lady! and I love her to bits! I wish I had the determination and confidence to follow my dreams like Kym has, she's been through so much, shes so brave and is still strong enough to get through it and she has an amazing outlook on life. Hear'say couldnt survive without Kym which just proves how she carried the band on her own. And she's gonna be the BEST solo singer! I'll always be supporting kym wherever her life takes her and no matter what happens I'll be standing by her (well not leterally). I owe alot to Kym, she is everything to me and I cant thank her enough for everything she's done for me. Hopefuly this site expresses my dedication to her. She will keep inspiring me and inspiring me throughout my life! Kym already has a massive fanbase and soon it'll be even bigger so good luck Kym (not that you need it) KYM'S A STAR!!!! and an angel in my heart forever.
Lub joo Kym! Keep doin what ya doin!  and Keep MARSHINg on!

                                  **Kym and Dave with Kel at their house**


                         **Alice with Kym at Lakeside shopping centre**


Heya! My name is Alice, I'm 15 and I am a HUGE Kym fan!! Kym is a COMPLETE superstar and I love her with ALL my heart!! I have only met Kym and her family once (thanks to Lolly, love ya!), but that is enough to see that they nicest people EVERthey are just the BESTEST!! I am going to support Kym 100% ALL the way!! Good Luck to Kym on her solo career, we all know youre gonna go far!!


Love & Hugs, Alice xxx-

("I am the champion, oh no youre not, see for yourself then, um pa pa, um pa pa, un, deux, trois!!" Emily is a lil star!)

This photo was taken at Lakeside, please excuse the ugliness of moi but I WAS standing to the most beautiful person ever!!!

                           **Lauren with Kym and Dave at their house**


Hey guys! My name is Lauren Mortimer and I'm a MASSIVE Kym fan. I'm 16 years old and live near London and I have supported Kym from day one, when she first appeared on Popstars. She's really special to me and I admire her so much because of what she's had to go through in her life. She's such a strong character and she deserves all the good things she has got in life. She's just the most amazing, caring person ever and will always be one of my best friends. Kym deserves all the happiness she has with Jack, theyre both the most amazing, kind and gorgeous stars ever and I love them always! LOADSA luck to Kym on her solo career. I love you always Kym, your lil sis is supporting you always. Love you loads babes. Lauren XXXX


Violet Glass Tumbling Ball and 2 Cones