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Kym Biography



The best gal to EVER walk the earth!!


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On this page I'll describe Kym's life and career. To see it in Kym's own words go to "Kym's story".
No guarantee that all these facts are acurate.
Thanks! :)

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Name: Kimberley Gail Marsh (married name Ryder)

D.O.B: 13/06/76

From: Wigan, Lancs

Lives: St Albans, Herts

Starsign: Gemini

Height: 5,5"

Hair: Dark brunette/black (died)

Eyes: Hazel/greeny

Shoe size: 5

Family: Dad, Dave Marsh. Mum, Pauline Marsh. Daughter, Emily May Cunliffe (5). Son, David Ryan Cunliffe (7), Brothers David and Jon. Sister, Tracy. Neice, Kimberely. Nephews, Trevor, Jason, Scott. And Husband Jack Ryder :)

Pets: Two kittens, Maisie and Minnie :)

Best friend: "Jack and I are usually too busy to go out and meet people, Ive sadly lost touch with most of my old friends. My best friends now are my family. And Jacks family too, his brother Harry and his girlfriend Celia"

Distinguishing Marks:I've got a beauty spot just above my lip, I've got a birthmark on my thumb, and I've got Tattoos: on left arm (woman), one meaning "Jack" and lower back (togetherness) plus a little black panther on my bum!

School: Garswood, Burchhill high and Elliot Clarke stage school.

First job: Hotel receptionist "I was the worst employee they ever had, I only lasted 3 days!" I also worked in a clothes shop for a few months too but that didnt suit me!

Record company: Jelly street, Polydor, universal

Alternative job: Make up artist "Ive always fancied that job, Im quite creative and can do make up pretty well!"

Where + when she meet Jack: BBC Elstree studios canteen (Jack was there for Eastenders and Kym was there for TOTP) in May.

First kiss: "Everyone fancied this boy, Ian Mills, we went out for a while, my first kiss was with him outside my mums house. He put his mouth round mine and it was horrible-it was all slobbery, I went in the house and wiped my face"

First single: "I released a single called One kiss which got into the charts, although Im not sure how well it did. It wasnt bad for a young girl on a record label that was tiny"

Previous love life: Dave Cunliffe (kids father) Martin Murphy

Joke: "What dya call a pie on top of a clock tower in Wigan? Summit to ate!"

Dads old band: Ricky and the dominant four

Naughtiest thing she did?: I used to fight a lot

Did she get good reports? It was always 'could do better'

What was the first record you bought?: Come On Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners

Does it bring back special memories?: Yes - it was released when my son was born and he used to go to sleep listening to it

Who's your pop pin up?: J from 5ive

Who do you most admire in the world?: My parents

Which household appliance gets the better of you?: The video player.

What would be your ideal night out?: Having a bit of a party, roll home late and get a kebab

What would be your ideal night in?: A good video, good company, good food

Who would you spend it with?: My Family and Jack

Are you a sound sleeper?: No

Are you romantic? Yes, hopelessly. I like sending little presents and cards. I'm a great believer in telling people how you feel - you should never bottle things up

What's your worst habit? I fart and burp a lot! I always think theres something wrong with me and I also cant keep still for a few seconds

Which famous person would you most like to meet? Anthony Hopkins

What did you want to be when you were little?: I wanted to be a pop star

When I heard I'd won: It didn't sink in at all. I didn't have a clue what was going on. I thought I would have cried, but there were no tears left.

What's been the most emotional moment so far? Every time I have to leave my two kids - Part of the deal was that you had to move into the house together for three months, so my mum has them and their father looks after them three times a week. I ring them every morning and night.

Is there anyone else you think should have made it? Warren and Raymond had two of the best voices I've ever heard and Im sure theyll get something!

If you would pass a new law, what would it be?: that nobody can say anything bad about anybody unless they rally really know them

Were you cool at school?: No! I always wanted to be though!

What makes you laugh? Jack makes me laugh, and my mates!

Secret ambition: Its not secret but to just to be really successful and bring up my kids is all I ever wanted!

Ever broken the law? Yes. I was 17, had a provisional license and drove my car by myself and got caught. I got six points and a 300 fine. Not good!

What would you ban? Smoking in your house. I can't stand it! When Jack smokes, he sits on the other side of the room to me.

What's your idea of happiness? Again, just being with my kids, and giving them the best so they don't ever have to struggle

Greatest fear: I'm going on about my kids again, but my greatest fear is that they would be affected by all of this. If that happened I'd stop I straight away

How would you like to die? Quickly and painlessly! In my sleep

If you could come back from the dead what would you be? A dog, then I could just eat and sleep all day

Do you owned patterned socks? Yes, haha I've got some Christmas socks with Christmas Trees on!

What's the best advice you've ever been given?
Follow your dreams

First poster you put on your wall?: "New Kids On The Block!"

First memory: "My Auntie Dyliss used to have really long fingernails and I remember having a book open and I used to go along the words with her fingernail when I was about three or four!"

Teacher you had a crush on: A history teacher at Birchill High
Most snogs in one night: Ooh, dunno. About six

Place she'd most like to visit: Australia


Danny/Noel: "Neither, it would be like kissing my brother but if I HAD to choose it would probably be Danny cause Noel smells!"

Mince pies/Xmas cake: Christmas cake

Sun/snow? "I love it when its hot and sunny, you cant help but be in a good mood and you end up dancing a lot but when its cold and snowy its a good excuse to get snuggly with loved ones, and you can wear 2 pairs of socks! I try to make snow men with the kids but Im no good at it, I can never get the coal eyes to stick on!"

Tidy/messy?: A bit of both

Male/Female company: Male, I've always been one of the lads


Fave Colour: Black

Fave Songs: Back for good, Top of the world

Fave Singers: Carpenters, Jackson 5, Madonna, Anastacia, Bob Dylan, Madonna, LeAnn Rymes, The Corrs, 5ive

Favourite film star: Jim Carrey makes my laugh and Kate Winslet

Fave Food: Pie and mash, I like curry but not as hot as Noel

Fave Crisps: Cheese and Onion

Fave Drink: Ribena

Fave Fruit: Grapes

Fave Sweets: Minstrels and popping candy

Footie team: Man U

Fave Rugby league team: Widness vikings

Fave fruit: Grapes

Fave perfume: "Angel" by Thierrys Mugleys and Tommy girl

Fave Cartoon character: Bart Simpson

Fave films: Meet Joe Black, Ice age, Silence of the lambs, 101 Dalmatians, green mile

Favorite body part: My back, it's got a brilliant tattoo on it

Fave Book: BFG

Fave Teacher: "There were millions of fab teachers who got me where I am today, I love them all! Apart from my German teacher Mrs.Hart, you were horrible Mrs.Hart, I couldnt stand you! I had a crush on a history teacher at Burchhill high!

What's your favourite item of clothing?: Trainers
Is there anything in your wardrobe you hate?:
My black trousers

Fave Toy as kid: "Blimey! I couldnt possibly just choose one! There were too many! I think my favourites were the ones where you used your imagination and actually did things. There was one called Girls world that was great and the A La Carte kitchen was brilliant as well, you could make pretend meals with plastic utensils"

What qualities do you most value in a friend? Honestly, loyalty and a good listener

Fave TV show: Coronation St, Eastenders, Emmerdale, most soaps really. I prefer corri to Eastenders, Jack respects that because he doesnt like pop! And Friends.

Fave band with instruments: The Corrs

Favourite Catch phrase: "Got any pies?"

Favourite place: Home

Fave sport: Football

Worst lyrics you've ever heard? (singing) 'Monday, Monday, so good to me' because Monday's never good to me

Worst and fave Subjects: "I LOATHED math, I used to stay in the toilet and skip lessons, there were 5 of us in there once. I liked Cookery and drama and obviously loved music, I was in a few clubs like 5 a side footie team, I was the striker, and I was well into that. I was in the school choir and sung the lead every year""

Fave Sandwich filling: Tuna and Sweetcorn or chicken tika

Best Concerts: 5ive and sclub 7

Favourite part of a man: The chest, I like a nice, comfy chest

Worst part about men?: When they're with their friends they act all hard

Fave pizza toping: Ham and mushroom with extra cheese

Fave part of body: My back, it has a wonderful tattoo on it!

Dislikes: Hates queuing and flying

Worst part of body: Id like to be thinner and I dont like my nose

What's the one place in the world you'd love to see: Australia


God: "Im not deeply religious but I reckon there must be something that looks after someone"

Fate: "Both me and Jack believe passionately in fate, so many lucky things have happened to me, like theyre meant to be. I mean what are the chances of both me AND jack in exactly the same place in Spain at exactly the same time. Its not even like he chased me out there, unfortunately" "I believe if you fall pregnant it was meant to be, what must happen happens"

People who slag people in the media off: "Its pathetic, people judge people before they know them and I dont take it harshly. If its people in the business then they should know better, its usually the people who arent that big trying to get a bit more attention and publicity, maybe before releasing a single or something. You usually find the bigger stars are the nicest"

Drinking: "Jack doesnt drink, never has and hes been a good influence on me cause I dont drink that much anymore"

Horoscopes: "I try to read my scopes every day, just to see if anything comes true" "Yes I read everybody's, Justin Toper is always right!"

Jack: "I love him to pieces! And he loves me too, which is helpful! Ive thought Ive been in love before but I couldnt have been. We dont even get bored of each other, if I get a text from him I still get a buzz and I just wanna spend every second with him. If Im away from him for a day we miss each other and try and call whenever we get a break. We dont go out to any celeb parties or glam premiers, if we have time together we spend it alone having a quiet night in front of the fire or something. We said, "I love you" pretty soon in the relationship, if you love someone this much its important to say it. Were both ready for commitment and it will definitely work out. Hes perfect in every way. Hes beautiful, even in the morning, Im there all messy and nasty looking and hes there all perfect and Im like agggggggggh and hes so skinny, he can eat whatever he likes without putting on any weight! There is nothing I dont like about Jack, and we dont even argue, if we do its over petty things and after a while we cant even remember what we were supposed to be arguing about"

Nigel: Was he nasty? Noooooo! He wasnt really nasty, I mean he was just a pussy cat really. He was a bit of a drama queen really wasnt he? I dont think he really knew at the time that I had had an eating disorder but he knew I was conscious of my weight and just played it up to the camera. After that we had a storming row in the kitchen that nobody saw! I told him what I thought of him, no one makes a fool outta me on national T.V and gets away with it! He just says what everyone else thinks. If he was boring and went, 'That was very good. See you soon' it wouldn't be interesting TV. I hate being asked that question, were ALWAYS asked it!

~~Kym Gail Marsh~~
kym is a very lovely kind person who wouldn't hurt a fly, she loves her family very much and would do any think for them, we just want to say that "we love you kym we do, we love you kym we do"

Kyms parents David and Pauline are behind kym 100% (like Me!)
Through thick and thin it was her parents who supported her. Kym is incredibly close to them - and hugely proud of her northern roots. 'I think a lot of people forget where they come from - they might have lived on a council estate or been on the dole, or whatever,' she says. 'I never want to forget and I don't honestly think my parents would let me. That's a steadying influence. I will never forget where I'm from or what I've done in the past.'

The girl from Wigan is Sassy, Wickedly funny and with a powerful voice had everything needed to be in a band, has the Natural Talent, has 2 children (David age 7 and Emily age 5). Graduated from Elliott Clarke Theatre School and has sung backing vocals for "Mother Earth" she hates being away from her children. She wants to be able to give her children a great life and buy her mum and dad a house where they can all live.

Kym has previously had chart hits back in 1997 with Solar Stone, who's single "Day by Day" reached around 80 in the top 100. She also featured on the group's single "Prayer" in 1998 (group was then known as Sebatu). She also has featured on tracks by 2dB. When Kym is away, she misses her kids like crazy but she knows it will be the best in the long run for them: "I want to be able to provide a good future for them as do all parents, and when you get the chance to do it, you do it even though it might mean a bit of time apart".

Now Kym has signed a 6album record deal with Universal Island and we are SOOOOOO excited for her new material!!!! YAYYYY! :)

Kym on being famous...

"The world around me is going to change but I don't want to change, I'm talented enough and I'm grateful - it could quite easily have been someone else. It doesn't make me the best just because I'm here."


Kym @ a Glance

Full name: Kimberley Gail Ryder
Date of Birth: 13/06/76
Born: Whiston, Lancashire hospital
From: Ashton-in-Makerfield, Wigan, Lancs. Also lived in Garswood.
Lives: St albans, Hertfordshire
Job: Solo singer
Family: Parents, Dave (David) Marsh and Pauline Marsh, Two gorgeous children David (7) and Emily (5), Brothers David and Jonathan, Sister Tracey, niece- Kimberley nephews- Jason, Trevor and Scott and new husband-Jack Siegfield Ryder.
Star Sign: Gemini


"Kym is the petals of my life"
Yellow flower